Teaching & Learning

The Teaching and Learning Department of the South Whidbey School District provides leadership and professional development in curriculum, instruction, and assessment with the ultimate goal of improving student achievement.

We accomplish this vital work by collaborating with district teachers, staff, and administrators to:

  • identify district student learning expectations in each content area,
  • identify and select materials needed to help students meet expectations,
  • implement research-based best practices,
  • develop multiple assessments that inform instruction and document student learning,
  • support district- and school-based content initiatives that reflect best practices, and
  • provide opportunities for staff to participate in their own learning through attending workshops, trainings as well as participating in local, state, and national professional organizations.

Teaching and Learning Accomplishments

Science Curriculum

Materials Adoption/Review 2008-09
Materials Implementation 2009-10

Mathematics Curriculum

Materials Adoption and Review 2008-09
Materials Implementation 2009-10

District Writing Assessment

Revised District Writing Assessment Plan 2008-09
Implemention of District Writing Assessment 2009-10

Social Studies Curriculum

Materials Adoption and Review 2010-2011
Materials Implementation 2011-2012

Teaching and Learning

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