About Our District

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    Our District:

    The South Whidbey School District serves the communities located on the south end of Whidbey Island in Washington State. The district is 60 square miles in size and serves approximately 1,398 students in three traditional schools and one alternative program. We employ roughly 144 FTE and 178 (head count) staff.

    Our Vision:

    Every student is a successful independent learner, empowered for life in the global society of the 21st century.

    Our Mission:

    In partnership with our community, we are deeply committed to provide our students with the best educational experience, preparing them to become capable, creative, caring, and responsible citizens.

    South Whidbey School District Student Learning Goals 2018-2019

    GOAL 1: By 2020 100% of our graduates will leave the district Career and College and Culturally ready.

    1. 85% or more of our graduates will successfully complete algebra II
    2. 100% of grade 8 students will achieve a 3.2 or higher on the district writing assessment
    3. 100% students will leave grade three reading at or above grade level
    4. Culturally Ready benchmark is "under construction"

    GOAL 2: Use a uniform evaluation system for ALL staff. All employee efforts should be focused upon demonstrating and promoting student outcomes directly related to Career and College and Cultural readiness, as demonstrated by the use of 21st Century Skills.

    1. Continue TPEP Training with certificated staff.
    2. Utilize the revised evaluation system with classified staff.
  • South Whidbey School District

    5520 Maxwelton Rd
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    Transportation Department

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    South Whidbey Grades 7-12 

    South Whidbey High School

    5675 Maxwelton Rd
    Langley, WA 98260

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    South Whidbey Grades 5 & 6 

    South Whidbey South Campus

    5476 Maxwelton Road
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    Attendance Line

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    South Whidbey Grades K-4

    South Whidbey Elementary North Campus

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    Attendance Line

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    South Whidbey Academy

    Grades K-6 at South Whidbey South Campus
    5476 Maxwelton Road
    Langley, WA 98260
    Attendance Line: (360) 221-0638
    Grades 7-12 at South Whidbey High School
    5675 Maxwelton Rd
    Langley, WA 98260 
    (360) 221-6808 x5136

    Attendance Line: (360)221-7879