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    South Whidbey High School offers courses in Functional English, Functional Life Skills, Functional Math, Functional Transitions, Resource Civic Engagement, Resource English, Resource Math, and Transitions. Check the Course Description Handbook for general information about these courses.

    Teacher: Monique Mangin

    Subjects Taught
    • Functional English
    • Functional Math
    • Transition
    • Work Based Training
    • Life Skills

    Functional English
    A combination of small group and individual student paced instruction. A variety of group work activities will strength basic reading and writing skills. depending on individual skills.  Reading programs used will be Edcon, and MileStones.

    Functional Math
    A combination of small group and individual paced instruction through hands-on activities using a variety of curriculum and math manipulatives. Some on-going real life skills instruction practiced and reviewed are time-telling, money recognition/use, calculator, calendar/planner skills, and measuring. Texts used include Basic Math, Pace Maker, AGS Consumer Math, Remedia Market Math.

    Designed to teach the student the meaning of being a good employee and seeking successful employment that is a "good fit" through skills inventories, pre-vocational academics and hands on training. Ongoing career awareness and exploration are examined throughout the year helping students to identify their strengths and intersts and set attainable goals for their futures.

    Work Based Training Components
    There are three components to the Work Based Training Program giving students on-going, on the job training.
    1. In-class, school, group work experience (gardening, recycling)
    2. Individual in-school work experience (cafeteria, custodial, library, office work)
    3. Community work experience outside of school setting, hands on work with businesses within the community
    Students also participate in the class GARDEN PROGRAM which is a job training activity. This program helps students acquire employability skills as they participate in the planning, ordering of supplies, construction of garden projects, advertising of sales, and the actual growing and selling of a variety of plants.

    Students are also part of the class RECYCLING PROGRAM. This gives students a sense of accomplishment and personal responsibility to our school, community, and environment by participating in the school-wide paper recycling program. As a class, the students work cooperatively collecting, paper for pickup and transportation to the local recycling center.

    Life Skills
    Includes training in skills needed around the home.

    • Meal planning & Shopping
      • food safety
      • food pyramid and nutrition
      • purchasing the best buy
      • budgeting
    • Cooking
      • kitchen safety
      • following recipes
    • Laundry Home Care
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Navigating in the Community Setting
      • reading transportation schedules
    • Leisure and Recreation
    • Healthy Relationships
      • social skills
      • planning outings

    Classroom Expectations
    Respect Others, Self, and Environment
    Grades are based on participation, work completion, and effort
    • 100% - 90% = A
    • 89% - 80% = B
    • 79% - 70% = C
    • 69% - 60% = D
    • 59% and below = F
    Note: Some students in Community Based Training, Transition, and Life Skills classes will receive Pass/Fail grades.
    Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

    Monique Mangin
    360.221.4300 ext 5124
    room 124

Last Modified on July 20, 2009