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Our District

The South Whidbey School District serves the communities located on the south end of Whidbey Island in Washington State. The district is 60 square miles in size and serves approximately 1,106 FTE students on three campuses. The K-5 graders are in the South Whidbey Elementary North Campus.  The Transitional Kindergarten and ALE programs are located in the South Whidbey Elementary South Campus with the District Offices.  Grades 6-12 are located in the South Whidbey Secondary Campus (known as South Whidbey High School). South Whidbey provides choices in education. We have a South Whidbey Academy (SWA) choice program.  The 10-12th grade SWA program is located in the South Whidbey Secondary Campus.  We employ roughly 144 FTE and 185 (head count) staff.

Our specific goals for 2023-2024, adopted by the Board on July 26, 2023 are:

Goal 1: Build a school culture of care and belonging by engaging the staff and students in evolving and participating in an inclusive educational community of which they are proud to be a part.

Goal 2: Continue to use best practices that nurture and create innovative learning environments supportive of every student’s resilience and success in the future they choose.

Goal 3: Demonstrate foresight and agility to make best use of our district assets (land, facilities, people, money, institutional knowledge, and time).

Our Vision:

Every South Whidbey School District Student is a lifelong learner who is multi-culturally engaged, literate, and an active community member able to meet the challenges of our global society.

Our Mission:

In collaboration with our community, every student will be supported to be a resilient, innovative, compassionate, and productive graduate prepared for a diverse and dynamic world.

Our Values:

South Whidbey School District Student Learning Goals:

  1. Our Schools will be welcoming, safe and supportive places with consistent school wide expectations where all are respected.
  2. Our students will demonstrate growth toward mastery in all content areas.
  3. Our students will graduate ready for a future they choose.
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