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Enrollment Reports

Student enrollment is reported as headcount and FTE. Headcount is the physical number of bodies in a school regardless of the amount of time attended. FTE represents the number of full-time student equivalents.

A 1.0 FTE would be a student attending full-time in our district. ie - student attends 4 periods each day at the high school. Kindergarten is funded on a half-time basis in our district by the State of Washington.

FTE is the enrollment method used for budgeting purposes. Enrollment is reported to the state on a monthly basis from September through May.

Enrollment used for budget purposes are based on ESTIMATES made in the Spring. The State pays the district based on these estimates from September through December.

In January the State uses the ACTUAL enrollment to recalculate the amount of apportionment (revenue) the district will receive. This guaranteed apportionment (revenue) is recalculated monthly through the month of May based on the ACTUAL enrollment reported to the State.

Starting in 2018-19 Enrollment included in monthly financial reports.