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November 5, 2024 General Election - Renewal Levies:

On June 26, 2024, the South Whidbey School District Board of Directors voted to place two levies on the November 5, 2024 general election ballot:

These levies are NOT a new tax. These levies renew expiring taxes that provide local funding for critical needs not covered by state and federal funding. They are the second largest revenue source for the South Whidbey School District, making up about 16% of the budgeted general fund.

Educational Programs and Operations Levy

Last approved with 72.59% yes votes in 2022.

Replace an expiring levy to support the District’s educational programs and operations which are not funded or not fully funded by the State.  This levy was previously known as the Maintenance and Operations (M & O) levy that helped maintain class size, improve student achievement, maintain programs and services, and funds the extra costs associated with food service, special education, and bus service that are not covered by the state. Makes up 16 percent of the district budget.

Technology, Capital Improvements and Safety Levy

Last approved with 70.5% yes votes in 2019.

The funds for this levy will be for renovation, upgrading and modernization of educational facilities of the District including safety, security and technology improvements.

Facilities Projects Technology Projects

Pro Con Committees

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