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Elementary Water Testing

Elementary and Elementary South Campus

Water Quality Update: Remediation work to address lead test results

Updated: February 6, 2019

Last fall (10/2018), water quality testing for lead was conducted at the elementary and south campus sites. This testing, funded by the state, checked virtually all the classroom faucets and bubblers at both sites. Results from this testing were received in November. Between the two schools, about 34% of the fixtures tested had results above the EPA threshold for taking action (> 15 ppb). The district immediately took those fixtures out of service and brought in bottled water.

To mitigate this issue, all fixtures, supply lines and shut-off valves are being replaced at both school sites, even those which tested below the action threshold. The replacements will be done in priority based on the results of last fall’s testing, with failed fixtures being replaced first.

In December, during winter break, all of the fixtures at the south campus which failed the EPA threshold test were replaced along with their supply lines and shut-off valves. We are now waiting to have these fixtures re-tested. Once they pass the re-test, they will be put back into service and we can discontinue our bottled water service.

During spring and possibly summer 2019, the remaining fixtures at both sites will be replaced and retesting done as needed.

In 2017, the Washington State Legislature provided funding to the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to test for lead in drinking water in public schools grades K-4 in an effort to reduce children’s overall exposure to lead in the environment.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the health of our students and staff is protected, South Whidbey School District took advantage of this funding and volunteered to participate in this program. The DOH tested fixtures that provide drinking water to K-6 students or is used to prepare food.

Immediately after receiving the attached results, our facilities department took the fixtures that scored above 20 parts per billion offline. Facilities is in the process of working with DOH on a remediation plan for those fixtures.

South Whidbey Elementary School - North Campus 
2018 Test Results
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South Whidbey Elementary School - South Campus
2018 Test Results
Letter to Families