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Equity Resources

Resources from Teaching Tolerance

Center for Online Safety Recommendations:

Resources to watch together to start the conversation

Kids 12 and up

Watch Trevor Noah's video (18 min) as a family. He talks about the broken social contract white people assume all Americans have agreed to and explains the bigger picture with the hundreds of years of aggression against Blacks in the U.S. Trevor has an understanding of the dominoes that are falling.

Consider watching a movie together like Just Mercy (available for free in June) or The Hate U Give.

Kids 10 and up

Watch 18 year old Cameron Welch's TikTok (less than 1 min) on the rules his Mom had him memorize to stay safe as a young Black man. Reflect on how your family rules are the same or different and how applying his rules would change how you showed up in public.

Kids under 12

CNN and Sesame Street (1 hour) are partnering for a town hall on racism (episode linked here) or No subscription required. My kids are older but we'll all be watching.

Foundational anti-racism resources for you

  • Talking with your kids about racism video hosted by Dr. Kira Banks, with panelists Tim Wise, Bomani Jackson, Adelaide Lancaster and Nicole Lee
  • Talking to kids about racism article in the New York Times article by Marie Tae McDermott, with school counselor Christiana Cobb-Dozier and children's book author Christian Robinson.
  • An online course called Intro to Racism by Patti Digh starts July 1. It focuses on systemic and structural racism, white privilege, white fragility, the myth of colorblindness and how to be an effective ally. This course made me realize my silence about injustice IS racism. Patti's lessons rocked me to my core and inspired me to act.

Seattle Times Education Lab: How Do We Talk About Race Resources


Sol Mendez, of our IRD facilitator, recommended a book several of you asked about. It is: “Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels,” by Catherine Sanderson.   

Policing and Police Brutality Resources:

Trevor Noah on George Floyd and the Dominoes of Racial Injustice and Police Brutality

Read excerpts from:  “When They Call You A Terrorist” 

Ibram X Kendi: The American Nightmare :To be Black and conscious of anti-black racism is to stare into the mirror of your own extinction

Social Justice and Anti-Racism in Policing

Resources for parents / teachers in how to talk to your child about racism, social justice, and current events.

How to talk to kids about race: 

Blog with Resources for kids and social justice (how to talk to kids about race, how to raise kid activities, teaching social justice, etc):

Recommended Resources from the Teach and Transform website (by a classroom teacher, social justice advocate, and anti-bias educator):

Talking to Your Kids About Racism, Police Brutality, and Protests:

Teaching Materials for Black Lives Matter at School:

Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension:

Multiple Reading Lists for kids about race, racism, current events in the media:





Additional Resources:

National Conference On Race & Equity (NCORE) Free Webinars Available Now:

Being Alive Into the Future!

Presenters: Shakti Butler and Amikaeyla Gaston 

Watch Now

Grieving NCORE in the Time of COVID: Strategies for Self-Care and Engagement

Presenters: Ajia Meux, Anthony P. Natale, and Dedrick Perkins 

Watch Now

Self-Care in the time of COVID - Strategies for Maintaining Intimacy, Physical Health and Mental Well-Being

Presenters: Stephanie Pelton-Miller, Emma Kupferman, and Victoria D. Stubbs

Watch Now

Discovering Common Ground Across Differences: An Innovative Course on Facilitating Difficult Conversations

Presenters: Sarah Beth Dempsey, Ed.D., Legacy Lee, Angela Rascon, Rachel Fuller, and Sihin Tsegay 

Watch Now

Woke Olympics and Social Justice Arrogance

Presenter: Rev. Jamie Washington, Ph.D. 

Watch Now

Navigating academia in PWCs and Universities: A guide to equip first-generation students of color to thrive in higher education 

Presenter: Krystal Cruz

Watch Now

The Struggle is Too Real: Cultivating a Spirit of Resilience for the Long Haul of Diversity Leadership

Presenter: Rahuldeep Gill, Ph.D.

Watch Now

Introduction to Social Justice Models of Disability

Presenter: Julie Alexander

Watch Now

The Intersection of Strengths and Social Identity: Using the Clifton Strengths to Engage Conversation about Difference

Presenter: Daniel Almeida, PhD

Watch Now

The Dehumanization of Indigenous Women

Presenters: Emma Allen, MA, and Stephanie Cross, MA

Watch Now

Speak Out Resources

  • "Mapping Our Roles for Social Change in Times of Crisis" with Deepa Iyer WATCH (FREE)
  • “Education in the Time of Coronavirus: School, Health, Race, Social Services, and Building a More Connected Humanity in an Era of Social Distancing" with Jesse Hagopian WATCH (FREE)