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Language Access Plan

Parents/guardians of students in South Whidbey School District have the right to participate in their student’s education, including communicating with teachers and staff. The District will take reasonable steps to assist families with interpretation of materials or information about any program, service, and activity and to facilitate any interaction with staff significant to a student's education. 

The District uses the following services to meet the language needs of our community:

  • ParentSquare auto translation services (Guardians and students can register their accounts to receive the district, school and teacher communications in their home language).
  • Website translations services (In the bottom right hand corner of our website, the reader can change the language of the pages from English to their home language).
  • In-Person Oral Interpretation - In-person interpreters for IEP and re-engagement events subject to scheduling and availability.
  • Phone Oral Interpretation - A phone service “Language Line” provides district staff on-the-spot interpretation  Call any staff member and ask for interpretation in your preferred language and they will connect you.
  • Online Translation - A Google Translate tool instantly translates websites to over 100 languages.
  • Written Translation - Vital documents are professionally translated as needed and requested, subject to language population size.

The District will strive to provide a written translation of vital documents for each language group that constitutes at least 5 percent of the District’s total parent population or 1000 persons, whichever is less. If the District is unable to translate a vital document due to resource limitations or if a small number of families require the information in a language other than English such that document translation is unreasonable, the District will still provide the information to parents in a language they can understand through competent oral interpretation upon request.

Skyward Family Access Language Settings Information Linked Here.

South Whidbey Language Access Coordinator: Lindsay Richards

SWSD Policy 4218 Language Access Plan  SWSD 4218 Procedure