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Highly Capable Services

Welcome to the HCL Program at South Whidbey School District

The program for Highly Capable Learners has been created to enrich the school experience for students identified as exceptional or “gifted” for Kindergarten and beyond. We utilize assessment tools as a screening process to identify students who may be served well in such a program. Students previously identified and invited to be part of the Highly Capable Learners Program need not reapply annually to participate and remain part of the HCL program for the duration of their school career in the South Whidbey School District.

Grades 2 and 5 will be administered the NNAT3 as a universal screening tool at the end of May of the current school year.  Students that qualify for HCL will be contacted for admission to the program.

Children who qualify in the top 2% are considered Tier 3 and eligible for enrichment programs and activities. If you and your child’s teacher, or teachers, believe that your student may be a highly capable student (in the top 2%) you may nominate the student to be assessed.

Please call or email if you have any questions.

Grades 3-5

HCL Students in grades 3 through 5  will be supported by Lindsey Demots (, South Whidbey Elementary STEM Teacher. The program will take place in Ms. Demots’ classroom.  Students will choose from a variety of project options and share their work with classmates and peers from around the world. 

Grades 6-8

HCL Students in grades  6, 7 & 8 will be supported by Lindsey Demots (, South Whidbey Elementary STEM Teacher, and Tracy McKnight (, HCL Instructional Assistant.  Ms. McKnight will also be part of the engagement activities at the 6-12 Campus for grades 6-8. Students in these grade levels will be working to identify projects with research components, portfolios, products, and presentations.

HCL Forms


All forms should be mailed per the following:

South Whidbey Academy
Attn: Christine Amundson
5675 Maxwelton Road Langley, WA 98260
360.221.6808, ext. 5136

Additional HCL Contacts:

School Psychologists

Erin Gutzmer
360.221.6808, ext. 4630

Sonja Ringsrud
360.221.6808, ext. 5414