Traffic Safety Education

  • TSE Schedule for 2016 - 2017 School Year

     Fall TSE Session
    September 12th - November 8th
    Monday - Thursday
    6:30AM - 7:30AM in room #208
    Instructor: Mr. Zisette
    360-221-6808, 3404
    Winter Session #1
    11/15/16 - 1/26/17
    Tuesday & Thursday  4:15 - 6:15
    Instructor & Contact: Mr. LaVassar
    Winter Session #2
    2/2/17 - 3/30/17
    Tuesday & Thursday  2:45 - 4:45
    Instructor & Contact: Mr. Zisette
    Spring Session
    4/11/17 - 6/8/17
    Tuesday & Thursday 4:15 - 6:15
    Instructor & Contact: Mr. LaVassar
    Click on the IDIPIC link for updated information on dates & locations.

    Cost: $375.00 (check made out to - SWHS TSE)

    Very Important!

    Waiver: The waiver is for students who don't already have their permit.

    If you need a waiver, this is how it works and why. The main purpose of the permit waiver is to be able to bypass taking the written test prior to the class. Once the student completes the class, they should have learned the info necessary to pass the test. Also, if you are under 15 and a half in age you can not get a permit without the online waiver completed by us.

    *** If you already have a Washington State ID card you will not need to create the permit number. The state Id number will be what is used to okay the waiver and will be your permit number. Send that number to your instructor and we will validate your online waiver.

    New online waivers and certificate process: How to get your permit!

    There are no longer paper waivers that are handed out.  All legal paperwork is now done online.

    • You will need to go online and create your own permit number on the DOL website.
    • On-line Application
    • It is very important that you put only your legal name (info as written on birth certificate)-no nicknames!
    • After this permit number is created you will need to email me your permit number so I can go online and okay your waiver.
    • Once you do this, you can go to the DOL and get your permit without taking the written test.
    • Take your birth certificate.
    • If you already have a permit number, you will still need to email that number to me too.
    • This is important for records and I need it to complete your class completion online at the end of the class.
    • I check for payments prior to registering you for the waivers before giving the okay.

    Do not go to the DOL until I verify I have completed the online waiver, they will send you away with no permit :(

    NOTE THE WAIVER IS GOOD 10 DAYS PRIOR TO START DATE OF CLASS-NO SOONER than Friday, September 2nd . So you will have one week prior to class to get to the DOL, get your permit, and be ready to drive.