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South Whidbey Students Meet & Greet with EMS

 EMS Meet & Greet EMS Meet & Greet EMS Meet & Greet
On Friday, June 2, 2017, Monique Mangin,SWHS Intensive Support teacher, and Allie Fee, occupational therapist, arranged a Meet & Greet w/ local EMS and Monique's classroom, along with Linda Moore's classroom from LMS. The purpose was to introduce EMS to our students, some of whom have difficulty communicating and might not respond appropriately in an emergency. We also wanted to familiarize our students with EMS so they aren't afraid of them in the event of an emergency.
Members of the Fire Department present included two firefighters in full gear with oxygen systems so the kids could get used to them. Deputy Fire Chief Mike Cotton also mentioned that parents of students with autism or other conditions that make it difficult for the student to respond appropriately to EMS might want to contact the local police or fire department about having an electronic "flag" associated with the student's address. An address that is flagged in this way would have important information about the student that would help emergency responders. A made-up example might be "Nonverbal, able to answer yes-no questions, tends to run away when stressed." This would show up whenever EMS responded to that address, until the flag was removed.