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Orca Announcements for October 20, 2017 

Orcas, please check your backpacks for bus notes first thing this morning and deliver to the office.  Please send your transportation envelope to the office, even if there are NO notes for the day.  

Orcas, please check the lost and found baskets and racks for anything that is yours.  The racks are overflowing!

Orcas, pennies are adding up to help the people of Puerto Rico.  We are halfway to our goal of filling the big jar on the front office desk.  We have $50.00 in bills and LOTS of change to count.  Check it out.  Keep those coins coming!  We will continue to collect all next week.

3rd and 4th grade mediators ... please meet Mrs. Wallace in Orca Central to have your mediator training class at 12:00.  Please remember to bring your sack lunch with you.  See you then!

Orcas ... today at 1:30, we are going to have an assembly in the south campus gym.  Book It Theatre will present Ada's Violin and the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay.  Please show your best leadership skills and have fun!

LEADERSHIP:  When you are a good leader, you show examples of many different habits.  The next habit we will talk about is Begin With the End in Mind and make a plan.

We are practicing the second habit when we make a plan to collect money to help the people of Puerto Rico.  Can you think of other organizations that you make a plan to collect money for or donate articles to, to help them out?  Begin With the End in Mind and make a plan.