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Orca Announcements for January 19, 2018 

Orcas, please check your backpacks for bus notes first thing this morning and deliver to the office.  Please send your transportation envelope to the office, even if there are NO notes for the day.  

Orcas, please check the lost and found baskets and racks for anything that is yours.  The racks are overflowing!

3rd and 4th grade mediators ... please bring your lunch with you at 11:50 to Orca Central, for a mediator training class.  See you then!

LEADERSHIP:  When you are a good leader, you show examples of many different habits.  We are now going to talk about the third habit, Put First Things First.  When you Put First Things First, you prioritize and do the most important things first.  It is important to be a Good Citizen first.

This week we have observed Good Citizenship/Temperance Day.  Each day this week on the podcast, we have been talking about what a Good Citizen looks like and how you can be a Good Citizen too.

We've talked about our school being it's own community.  Our school community members include students and their families, teachers, principal, counselors, secretaries, para-educators, custodians, kitchen staff, bus drivers and others.  All of these people want their school community to be a safe and friendly place to learn and grow.  In order for this to happen, we need good cititzens.  Citizens are members of our community, just like you.

A good school citizen gives back to the community.  A Good School Citizen gives back to the community by volunteering and be lending a helping hand or by stepping in when someone needs defending.  It's about giving back to the community that has helped you.  Good school citizens do the right thing even when it's hard and no one is watching. Good citizens are leaders.  You can be a good citizen too.