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Discover Your Aptitudes Scholarship
Aptitudes are the talents you are born with.  Everybody has a distinct set of aptitudes.  Finding a career that uses your set of aptitudes is the basis for a satisfying and fulfilling life of work.  This scholarship pays for testing to discover your aptitudes at the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation in Seattle.  
The testing is one day of performing various tests followed by a consultation the next day to discuss your aptitudes and the careers that use those aptitudes.  This self-knowledge is helpful for choosing a career path whether technical training or a college degree program.  For more information, visit
Scholarship Criteria: 
Student must:
- Have a desire to think ahead about a career path and the curiosity to explore their abilities.
- Reside within the South Whidbey School District boundary.
- Be in the last two years of high school study.
- Be actively engaged in completing high school at South Whidbey High School or an alternative (South Whidbey Academy, home school, GED program)
- Maintain a sufficient grade level to be on track to graduate, while high academic achievement is not a consideration
- Have a financial need for help in paying for the aptitude testing where the cost is $720 plus travel to Seattle.
Awards will be equally distributed among boys and girls.
2) Answer the questions contained in the Supplement to the "Discover Your Aptitudes" Scholarship. 
Deadline:  Postmark by May 15, 2017
Submit to:     Kurt Johnson
                     PO Box 1032
                     Freeland, WA 98249

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